Ultrasonic transducer E/805/T

Ultrasonic transducer E/805/T02

Ultrasonic high power bath 5/805/T

Ultrasonic high power bath 5/1575 Ultrasonic power generator K 8 Multifrequency system MFG


Other Products  

homogenisation - aerosol - cleaning - special developments

For further information about these apparatus and instruments please request detailed documents.

We further supply:

  • large ultrasonic cleaners for industrial applications
  • ultrasonic cleaners made of polypropylene for acid-mordant-application
  • ultrasound homogenizers of 20 kHz and with Titanium-sonotroden

Special ultrasonic-bath 40kHz

special-transducer in miniature-design


Ultrasonic-discharge-reactor (high-grade steel)

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