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Ultrasonic transducer E/805/T02

Ultrasonic high power bath 5/805/T

Ultrasonic high power bath 5/1575 Ultrasonic power generator K 8 Multifrequency system MFG


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Ultrasonic power generator K 8

The high frequency generator can be used in two different Modes:

permanent or squarewave pulse sound.

Pulse and interval ratios can be adjusted to fit physical requirements, avoiding overheating of sample.

All parameters can be externally adjusted.


Ultrasound Frequency: 850 kHz
PowerSupply: 110/230 V AC/50 Hz
Power Consumption:230 VA
Power output: 120 W
Intens. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Mode cont: permanent ultrasound
Mode pulse: square wave variabel
A: length 0.1 to 3.0 s
B: Pulse duty ratio 5:1 to 1:5

Dimensions: 470x170x260 mm
Weight: appr. 5 kg
Radio Shilding: conforming EC
standart 67/308/CE

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