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Meinhardt Ultraschall
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ESS-14 Meeting,
14th Meeting of the European Society of Sonochemistry at Avignon University, France

within megahertz range for innovative tasks in the laboratory and mini planning.

The transducer E/805/T
is operable in continuous operation and also in the effective burst mode.

For Example:
Connected to the glass reactor, UST 02 transforms into a working unit, which works well with many research work in the areas of physics, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology.

For Example:
Surface mounting on one photo-/Sonoreaktor results in a unit working as a technical school plant.

With a high frequency of approx. 1 MHz it is possible to manipulate cell structures (DNA) without destroying it.

The high frequency is characterised by a finer as well as less destroying sound effect;  a large advantage with the employment in biotechnology.

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